AIOU Tutor Address Name Contact Information

If you are looking for information about AIOU tutor address, name, and contact number, read the complete article to find your assigned tutor. The tutor is responsible for marking the assignments and managing the online workshops of the enrolled students. Tutor address cab should also be checked by roll number and registration number.

Tutor address AIOU can be determined and necessary information can be printed in PDF. This information is very useful as you can call your tutor to discuss subject topics. Additionally, when posting your assignment by courier, a contact number and address must be written on the courier’s letterhead. Therefore, you can trace the desired information about your teacher at any time!

Download AIOU Tutor Address

As the number of students at AIOU has increased, so has the number of tutors. Some scholars are tired or confused about a topic. Some also have difficulty locating the tutor’s postal information. So this problem has an easy solution for all students. There is only one link to the website through which you can find the address and name of the tutor, and download all the information in PDF.

Check Assignment Tutor AIOU

A good announcement for students of Allama Iqbal Open University. AIOU Assignment Tutor address is checked on Student Enrollment ID. Because it was very difficult for new students to find their assigned tutor. So the university decided to make it easy and uploaded all the relevant tutors on the student profile. Just login your ID and check your teacher information.

Tutor AIOU Address Finding Method

Open the student registration page as we mentioned in the image above, which is linked to the official page of AIOU on your mobile or laptop. Please follow the steps below:

AIOU Tutor Address Name Contact Information
AIOU Tutor Address Name Contact Information


Enter your details ie registration number and password. When you press enter and a message pops up saying your password is incorrect, contact the university focal person.


When your portal opens, move your arrow to the My Tutor box. The box changes color as you move your mouse. Then click on “My Tutor Box”.


A new window will open. Click on My Courses Tutor. When you follow this step, all your tutors will appear on your mobile or laptop screen, and all the codes tutors will be in one order. Highlight your assigned teacher and take a printout.

Through this process, you will be able to know where to post your assignment and it will enable you to get personal information about your tutor.

Moreover, tutor address is different for students from different regions. All tutors are appointed from the head office. The head office is located in Islamabad. The head office is open all year except Sundays and public holidays. So, if an address is wrong and your assignment has been returned to you, contact your tutor through his mobile number and ask for a new address.

Additionally, AIOU played a vital role in appointing the best tutors to assist its students in distance learning. These mentors help all newcomers significantly in building their careers. Compared to other universities, AIOU provides highly talented faculty. Most of these teachers are PhD degree holders with many published articles.

Last but not the least, you will find the written address of the AIOU tutor on the website. You can also meet your tutor if the address locations are close to your home. Take your assignment with you. If your assignment is well written then surely you will get best marks i.e. 90-95 marks.

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